Social Issues

Emotional First Aid 2019

We worked with the Royal Tutorial Project and Open Your Heart to Bhutan to make this educational video, exploring ways to support emotional well being. Pupils from 16 schools around Thimpu, in Bhutan devised drama and animation sketches exploring peer support ideas for young people.

(We are unable to show the complete 30 minute programme due to license restrictions.)

Just the Facts 2016

We worked with a number of agencies to create a series of short videos for young people, covering sexual health issues. The project was funded by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with New Zealand Sexual Health Society.

Visit the web site here.

Home Truths 2010

Thirty-seven young people from Norfolk, UK worked together to write a book for schools about the issues which can lead to becoming homeless. Some of the team were living in hostels run by YMCA and The Benjamin Foundation, others were based at Red Balloon in Norwich, the charity that supports the recovery of bullied young people.

The book contains many hard-hitting stories, based on real life experiences. The participants discussed broken homes, drug addiction, physical abuse and mental health problems. Each story was illustrated in different ways, some cartoon style, some with photographs, paintings and drawings. Most of the tales have positive outcomes and show how, with the right support, the toughest problems can be overcome.

The ebook can be ordered here. 

For further examples of social issue led documentaries and media resources, please visit the Media Projects web site.