The Little School in the Valley 2021

This student led project will explore the history of Oratia District School and local community through reminiscence, archive research and animation. 64 year 5 and 6 students will work in small teams interviewing older residents, collecting stories and animating some of the funniest or most memorable ones. With help from the Oratia Folk Museum and local historians, we will explore living memory through the following topics: school days, working lives and recreation. Reminiscences, archive material and animations will be intercut to make a 30 minute documentary video for screening to the local and wider community.

The project is funded by The Ministry of Education Creatives in Schools initiative.

The Carvers of the Park Hyatt 2020

Master carvers, Wikuki Kingi, Lyonel Grant and Lawrence Makoare discuss the stories and traditions which inspired their work for the Park Hyatt Hotel on the Waterfront in Auckland.

Introduced by Sir Bob Harvey, camera: Robin Kewell, editing: Martin Sercombe

Tales of Te Whau 2018

Tales of Te Whau is a sequence of short animated stories inspired by the history of the Whau district of West Auckland. It begins with stories of the Māori and ends with three tales relating to the early European settlers who built their livelihoods in and around New Lynn. The work was made by 24 young people from the area, aged 5 – 11, who designed the characters and backgrounds, then used 2D stop motion techniques to tell the tales.

Funded by Arts Whau.

Cawston Remembers 2014

This series of short films takes a very personal view of how life has changed in the village of Cawston, Norfolk, UK within living memory. The project was managed by Media Projects East, in partnership with the Cawston Heritage Society and local author Neil Storey. It was funded through a Heritage Lottery Sharing Heritage grant.

Visit the web site here.

Martham Stories 2013

Martham Stories is a series of short films exploring the history of the Broadland village of Martham, in Norfolk, UK. It was made with a Heritage Lottery Fund All Our Stories grant.

Visit the Martham Stories website to find out more.

Further heritage projects can be seen on the Media Projects web site.