Chicken Shed with Boomerang, Iceland 2006

I have a recurring dream. I am walking through a pristine landscape, high in the mountains. A wild storm has just passed. The sky has cleared, leaving one small cloud. Behind me the sun suddenly breaks out and illuminates a small shed, huddled in the wilderness. I have my lens poised. Nature, the camera and my heart conspire in a moment of synchronicity…as fleeting as the blink of an eye.

My portfolio of recent photography is divided into Colour, Black and White, Portraits, Macro and Abstraction. All the landscape images were shot around New Zealand.

Three books of my photography are available for sale on Blurb in a variety of editions.

Messages from the Edge of the World

Chicken Shed with Boomerang

Vanishing Points 

Much of my work from 2006 to the present day can be viewed on my Flickr account below.

My 500px galleries can be seen here.

Recent Exhibitions

Between the Blue and the Green (Spoken in Light Exhibition 2018)

Spoken in Light (photography and video) Studio One Toi Tu, Auckland 2018

Matariki Photography Competition, Arataki Centre, Auckland 2017 (Best in Show)