This site is a showcase for my personal work as a moving image artist and landscape photographer. It is designed as a companion site to Media Projects, which catalogues the work my video production company has done over the last 40 years.

I began making artist’s films on 16mm in the 1980s, and have made a series of moving image art works supported by Arts Council England and other funders. I changed format to video in the 1990s and began working closely with other artists and composers. My single screen works have been screened at many international festivals in the USA, UK, Holland, Spain, Japan, Australia and Hong Kong. For a chronological, online filmography please visit the Film and Video section.

A portfolio of my recent landscape and macro work can be viewed in the Photography section.

My video production company, Media Projects forms partnerships with community groups and institutions to produce educational resources exploring heritage, the arts and social issues. The Media Projects section of this site features a cross section of recent projects. You can visit the company web site here.